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This is a Garment Manufacturer’s blog. Could be a first of its kind. Would try and keep it interesting (a very difficult task, though).

Will plot out the changing scenario of the once prosperous business, here in the Manchester of the South, the renowned textile city of India, Tirupur. It is now choking on the very reason it flourished. Water. Its was unmatched, water in no place else had such purity. Now… nothing, literally nothing!

A host of related problems have risen. The Government has stepped in to prevent dumping dyeing-waste, but is proving to be point-less. It is reluctant to provide support to the failing Garment Export Industry. Taxes have been hiked, Duty Drawback has been reduced and the future looks bleak. We’re holding onto a lone thread… made from Indian Cotton. The one valuable thing that still makes us the preferable choice.

And another change is occurring… the Dawn of the Second-Generation. Our Fathers had seized a happening opportunity and thrived on it and are now seeing a low. It may not be the right time to takeover but we have no choice. I’m confused whether to wait & watch, expand, or switch. But i guess switching is not an option. But we are are here now, for the Better or for the Worse, I don’t know. You’ll see though.

So this is the History and Mystery of my Industry. I still ain’t sure of what this Blog’s about, but stuff will show-up!